About Us

Global radio with sudanese flavor.

About Our AYWA FM

AYWA FM is a Sudanese electronic broadcast channel consisting of a variety of programs presented by highly educated and experienced Sudanese media professionals.

It is also supported by various social media professionals.

Aywa FM Radio can be played through servers of Aywa FM in the United States of America which is broadcast online. It is also broadcast on the websites and is compatible with both android and apple.

Based on professionalism, traditions and ethics, Aywa FM provides programs of a high level of sophistication which the listeners can benefit from.

The radio channel operates from within Sudan and abroad through a group of amateur media personal.

The experimental broadcast began on 1 May 2016 and is broadcast in Arabic and English in order to facilitate the follow-up of our programs internally and externally.

Our Team

AYWA Radio was created by engineers Walid, Ayman, Shuruq and Ehab

Walid and Ayman reside in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Ehab reside in America and have experience in the media field of not less than 10 years.

And they work in the largest media company for media and radio production

They are the ones who named AYWA

Ehab Abasaeed


Ayman Yosif


Waleed Nageb


Sudanese journalists
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